Government of Andhra Pradesh took up standardization of data elements to use across the Government Department to enable easier and effective exchange and processing of data and also to remove ambiguities and inconsistencies in data usage. Based on identification and finalization of standardized data elements, the XML schemas are developed and on top of it, service Application Programme Interfaces (APIs) will be defined which will be useful for developing the Software applications for Govt. departments. The standards will help in re usability and further makes change management an easy task.

As a part of this initiative, 41 generic elements are identified. Out of these 41 elements 20 are with controlled data 21 without controlled data.
a. Data Creation: For the elements with controlled data, the data was collected from the respective departments.

b. Codification of the data/ elements: The data collected was codified to the best of standards to enforce the interoperability with ease by the user departments.

c. Creation of the schema: Schema for each element are also created and made available on this website.

d. Maintenance of Standards: A web interface for maintenance of standards is developed by CGG and can be accessed at

  1. Website will be under the control of IT&C department.
  2. All data elements will be hosted on Website by IT&C department.
  3. Chief Information Officer (CIO) or any other officer designated in the department responsible for IT implementation, of Data Element Ownership department will be responsible for recommending addition, modification and deletion of controlled data for the elements, apart from ensuring implementation of data standards in the IT Applications implemented by the respective department.
  4. CIO or the officer designated in the department, on written approval of Spl. Chief Secretary/Principal Secretary/Secretary concerned will forward the proposal to IT&C Department for necessary changes in Data Elements and hosting on Website.
  e. These standards and guidelines will be reviewed / appended every year or more frequently as required to ensure continued conformance to global standards.
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